an insight of uk student life

An insight of a Student’s life

A lot of worries sum up to be the reason of a student’s headache but the worst of all is academic stress. The societal norms today have turned out to be completely cruel. Only a qualified individual deserves respect, money, job opportunities and all other factors of success. This declares the modern society to be worse than the society where people were enslaved. Because in that society slaves could have been bought and set free but in a modern capitalist society corporate slaves live as a slave and die as a slave.

Every student lives with a dream of attaining high quality education to succeed in life but the societal norms and living standards do not allow them to do so. The way kids are nurtured in this western society makes them materialistic right from the beginning. The importance of culture and other metaphysical values are never there. Violent behavioral changes in our kids are the consequences of the values that we have built in them.

It is no more possible for a student to delicately study as the interest level is no more the same. When a student can see that a college principal earns 80% lesser than a celebrity and a sportsman he denies the idea of attaining a position in the society with education and qualification. On the top this tough economy and financial crunch has made it impossible for parents to get some time for their children.

From junior to High school and college there is a classification based on wealth values. If you belong to a rich and wealthy family background, you can get enrolled in Oxford, Harvard or even MIT. While the standard of education in all these top class institutions is consequently common and that is Materialistic approach. A big number of immigrant students are enrolled in universities all across US & UK who aim and plan to get permanent residence there.

Although the majority of society is following the patterns of destruction and are unable to recognize the cause of disturbance and anarchy in their family and economy but there are a few intellectuals who refuse to analyze the ongoing situation from the surface. One of such intellectual rebels is Mr. Noam Chomsky who fully opposes the idea of western dominance over the world. He terms USA as the worst of all terrorists in the world in spite of being an American professor at the MIT himself. He also criticizes the transformation of a traditional society into a modern valueless metropolitan.

Now imagine that a student is made to survive and live in such an environment where dogs are loved more than real brothers and sisters. This is the psychological dilemma a student is made to go through and then we expect of these not to turn out terrorists and mentally retarded. The recent events of vandalizing peace and law within US have been termed as acts out of psychological illness. The numbers of such events are more when compared to terrorist attacks. This is the point where we have to think if what is our biggest problem as a nation?

This is the reason why we see actions of violence and brutality in our society very often. Despite of being called the world super power we lack in basic human ethics within our domestic zones of family and relations. You can find videos of qualified individuals roaming homeless on streets of almost every city of USA.

Therefore all those who are striving in any way to make any betterment and prosperity in the lives of students is definitely on a holy journey. We see students getting free books, and free shelters etc. Not so many but a few cut off prices especially for students. This effort to entertain our young ones will one day benefit us in a shinning future for sure.

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