Learn How To Write A Thesis Statement

How To Write A Thesis Statement

It is an intellectual writing with an extensive research involved. Thesis itself is an academic assignment that PhD’s or Master’s degree students are expected to write to win their degrees. The title or thesis statement with a small synopsis plays an important and vital role in the development, research and completion of a thesis.

Your thesis statement depicts of your plan’s greatness and effectiveness. Not only this but your entire thesis research plan is explained precisely in a thesis statement synopsis.
Putting something so descriptive in a limited words count is definitely a job that can be handled by experts only. This is the reason why so many students fail to come up with a sound thesis statement. Let’s review a list of things that a writer requires while writing a thesis statement.

1. Think of the area research that you will focus in your thesis.
2. Look at its main aims and objectives.
3. Specify your area of research with the help of specific aims and objectives.
4. Take a look at different thesis statements available online.
5. Stick to the instructions and guidelines provided by the college or university.
6. Give your research plan 4-5 topics or titles then analyze them.
7. Compare those suggested topics.
8. Take help from expert thesis writers and consider their opinion.

How To Select A Topic That Can Lead To The Making Of A Potentially strong Thesis Statement?

Well that is a million dollar question but it has a billion dollar answer. The answer is not going to be a one liner answer it would take you to read a little more than this. To make a good thesis statement there is a set of suggestions useful and beneficial for one time approval.

Students make their thesis statements with a lot of struggle but on showing or presenting it to the supervisor or tutor it gets rejects in a couple of minutes. Why is it so difficult to convince your tutor about your thesis statement? Do you think they are all crazy and your thesis statement was wrongfully rejected? No, that is never the case because these tutors are highly qualified and experienced individuals.

All you need to learn is their criteria for accepting or rejecting a thesis statement. You need to learn what is their point of view and perspective of making a decision on a thesis statement. You should know prior to making a thesis statement that what is a tutor looking for in a thesis statement. Let us discuss in detail that how you can make a potential thesis statement that you tutor will not dare to reject.

1. Make up your mind about what you are going to focus as the area of research.

For example if your writing a thesis statement on obesity then target an audience or categorize the patients with respect to their gender or age group or region etc. This will help you give boundaries to your research.

2. No start collecting data on the area of focus that you have determined for your research.

Look for past written thesis on relevant or similar area of research. Most importantly look at the reference list and find out the books they had used. Now get those books and start reading them to get ideas for yourself.

3. Give your research an aim and objective so that the research is concise.

Without the declaration of aims and objectives you will not be able to write a controlled synopsis for your thesis statement. You need to be relevant and stay focused to your research question or problem statement.

4. Follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the university tutor.

Tutors usually suggest and give guidelines to students while they assign a thesis statement making task to students. Stick to those guidelines and bunch of instructions so that you do everything as required by the tutor.

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